Main services


Program/ Project  Management

Refai International’s program management consultancy services provide effective and efficient management of concurrent multi-disciplinary design and construction activities, systematically synchronizing multiple interrelated projects and project components to ensure that resources are available when needed, deadlines are met on schedule and contract costs are managed profitably.  Refai International’s principals have been the driving force for the successful implementation of a wide variety of infrastructure projects and programs totaling nearly $1.2 billion in value.

Our program managers outline the goals and objectives of each project component, delegate responsibility in a controlled manner, and hold project managers accountable for performance through a variety of performance metrics, on-sight inspections and routine communication to overcome problems and meet scheduled milestones within budget.  Refai International’s well experienced professionals use state of the art technical resources to collaboratively define, plan, integrate and implement every aspect of each project, delivering a comprehensive program that is technically and environmentally sound, practical and timely.


Construction Management

The profitability of any construction project requires experienced control of schedule, quality, safety and costs.  Refai International’s construction experts have managed all phases of the construction process from concept to completion including project engineering/design and cost estimation, construction activity planning and work scheduling, procurement planning and cost controls, logistics and importation, performance and quality inspections, contract administration and subcontractor and supplier management, reporting and documentation, as well as hand-over and warranty service.

Refai International’s successful construction management hinges on delivering construction projects on time, up to quality specifications and within the defined budget.  Refai International knows that without effective control of these three factors, successful delivery will not be possible.

In addition, our experienced and credentialed professionals are well-versed in the local challenges unique to your construction project and have the vision to identify and overcome implementation challenges before they become expensive problems.


Construction Claims Services

It’s a fact that the best made construction plans are always susceptible to contingencies, whether through force majeure, differing site conditions, agency delays, outside interference, or other factors.  No matter how well-planned a construction project is, construction claims are a routine occurrence.

Effective claims management often makes all the difference between a profitable project and a major loss.  On the contractor side, Refai International delivers on a proven track record of resolving claims profitably, quickly and effectively. On the owner side, Refai International’s expertise in dispute strategy and claims resolution has helped owners save millions of dollars.

Refai International’s pool of claims experts and construction professionals identify, analyze and prepare construction claims and disputes with the aim of upholding a successful resolution in an efficient, cost effective and timely manner.    We scrutinize every detail of the construction contract, assess entitlements, quantify damage components and support negotiations in a way that achieves effective resolution in line with our clients’ strategic interests.


Engineering and Design

The Refai International Group provides engineering and design services to satisfy client needs in various infrastructure segments: transportation, general building, water and wastewater facilities, and others. The staff of The Refai Group has delivered numerous engineering and design projects worldwide, ranging from feasibility studies to preliminary and final designs and preparation of tender packages. The Refai Group has experience in delivering engineering and design in various geographies, and using multiple local engineering sub-consultants. The Refai Group excels in integrating the best ability of the local teams and integrates them with the skill of its own core staff. The Refai Group has delivered engineering products by design teams that were located across different time zones. All engineering and design work is done in strict compliance with local codes, recognizes the ability of local construction contractors, and reflects local construction methods.


Arbitration / Expert Witness

The Refai International has strong experience supporting the effective resolution of construction contract disputes.    With more than 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, The Refai International has provided numerous organizations with expert advice to help resolve contractual disputes, whether through litigation or through third-party arbitration.

In the early stages of a dispute, the impartial evidence we generate has, in many cases, been sufficient for both parties to reach an amicable resolution without the cost and time implications of proceeding to court.

If an amicable resolution cannot be reached, The Refai International has a pool of expert witnesses available with suitable qualifications and experience.  All of this experience is available in-house at The Refai International, enabling us to provide a seamless and responsive service.


Cost Estimation

Effective cost estimation and well-planned and transparent procurement processes are the lynchpins to project profitability.  Refai International involves accredited and experienced engineers and construction professionals in the accurate estimation of construction costs to ensure the reasonableness of construction bids and effective cost control during construction.  Refai International has prepared effective cost estimates for a wide variety of multi-million dollar projects including water transmission and distribution networks; bridge, road and highway construction; airports, hospitals and schools; as well as residential, commercial and industrial building construction projects.   Our cost estimates are based on local labor productivity rates, quotes from appropriate materials and equipment suppliers, and historical cost databases to give our clients a robust and defensible cost estimate.



Refai International also contributes robust experience managing procurements in full compliance with the most stringent U.S. government procurement requirements.  Procurements for long-lead items are managed early into the construction (or pre-construction) cycle to avoid delays.  For all items, specifications and standards are identified up front, scopes of work or purchase order terms are developed quickly, and where appropriate, local or international competitive bid packages are released, evaluated and negotiated to obtain the best commercial terms for the construction project.


Capacity Building / Operation & Maintenance / Training and Support

Refai International’s capacity building services are grounded in the hands-on experience of our pool of construction professionals and technical experts. With a broad diversity of experience in the construction and commissioning of a wide variety of infrastructure, Refai International tailors our capacity building programs to meet the needs of the individual client and/or facility.

Our three-stage process involves a needs assessment stage, a design stage and an implementation stage, which is adapted and refined based on lessons learned from client interaction throughout the implementation process.

Refai International puts a broad range of technical skills at your disposal to build capacity in the following areas:

  • Utility Management: staff capability requirements and training programs, management processes and procedures, and management systems
  • Water Facilities O&M:  staff technical training programs, operations and maintenance systems and procedures, technical resource requirements.
  • Wastewater Facilities O&M:  staff technical training programs, operations and maintenance systems and procedures, technical resource requirements.




Services list

  • Program / Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Claims Consulting
  • Engineering and Design
  • Arbitration
  • Expert Witness
  • Cost Estimation
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Capacity Building
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Troubled Project Turnaround
  • Experts in FAR, AIDAR and Federal Government Contracts
  • Traffic Planning