About Us

Established in 1991, The Refai International Group provides world-class program/project management, international development, construction management and claims consulting services to private and public clients in the United States and Worldwide.

The Refai International delivers in-depth services you can count on to turn around troubled projects and keep your contract costs on target. The Refai International’s experts have managed all phases of construction from concept to completion on a wide variety of multi-million dollar projects including water delivery systems, regional roads, bridges, highways, airports, hospitals, schools as well as residential, commercial and industrial building construction projects.

The Refai International is also known for its strong understanding of common and geographically unique construction industry challenges, which translates into a remarkable ability to identify, address and resolve potential challenges upfront and early in the process before they negatively affect cost, quality or timeliness of performance. The Refai International’s proven approach reduces its clients’ capital risk and guarantees the success of the project/program.

The Refai International also supports our clients’ needs in mission critical areas including dispute resolution, contract arbitration, procurement integrity and long-lead planning, capacity building, and water and wastewater facilities’ O&M training and support.

The Refai International provides experts in strategic and sustainable development. Principals of Refai International previously served as American Diplomats working with the United States Government and were among the finest and most dedicated Foreign Service Officers. In their capacity, they provided senior-level engineering advice and guidance on all aspects of strategic planning in the development, management and evaluation of water, wastewater, transportation and other infrastructure activities valued at approximately $ 2.0 Billion. International Development and Sustainability is one of Refai International’s strong holds.

The Refai International can provide in-depth knowledge of USAID and Federal Government Contracts and can assist contractors and provide expert advice in doing business with the Federal Government.

Geographic experience of the Refai International principals includes, but is not limited to, the USA, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.